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Mod Post #1

testing testing...

Alright, Hey everyone =D
I'm Lucy, and I'm still trying to figure out how to mod a community so be patient with me please ^^;;

So this community got started because I posted an idea for a fan project. illusi0nshad0w, one of the person who is working with me on it, thought it was a good idea to make a LJ for the project and I thought it'd be cool to make a community for fan projects for alice nine. in general. Because we love them to death =D

So here we are! A brand new community =D Hooray!! *pops champagne* XDD

Enjoy yourselves!

The project me, inuyuukichan and illusi0nshad0w are working on right now, the mosaic (refer to this post for more information) will begin shortly. illusi0nshad0w will post details as soon as I find out how to make her a mod. O_O;;

Oh and the Community's layout is still under construction.
Banner: in progress =D

Thanks guys <3
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